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  • Had one of these turn up this week and I must say, if decibels were somehow related to Hg then this would be a winner. I reality they aren't. My DIY solder-sucker project sucks (and not in a good way)! Worth trying though, and learning by trial & error is not a vacuous thing...

  • These are nice little boards. I gave away my only one to a friend and assume it's now sitting in a box, in a cupboard somewhere (pearls spring to mind about now :-).
    Anyway, I'm now searching for a low voltage/current 8-pin AVR board but after an initial search haven't yet found one.
    What I mean is a board that make the most of say an ATtiny85's
    low power usage by having a battery supply and low power reg (maybe switchmode).
    Any idea folks?

  • I'm guessing another prerequisite in forming a fantastic business is not requiring much sleep at all.
    Great work Nate, and please take care. Humans produce invisible smoke when there's too much 'current draw'.

  • Hmmm, after looking at my car again today and noticing all the new paint chips on the doors and tyre marks on the bumpers got me to thinking about how I might be able to use these vibration sensors to at least scare the heck out of the people responsible. An idea maybe?

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