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  • Quick update: I used the code found in the link below to test MIDI input: * http://www.instructables.com/id/Send-and-Receive-MIDI-with-Arduino/step9/Receive-MIDI-Messages-with-Arduino/

    though I added a simple led 13 blink routine to the 'if (Serial.available())' loop, as well as one in the startup. When I upload the code in PRG mode, I see the initial startup blink routine (5 slow blinks), but nothing when I try MIDI input (still in PRG mode). Of course, when I switch to RUN mode, the LED blinks continuously and rapidly.

    I've uploaded other simple non-MIDI routines (simple LED blinks) that appear to work fine in both PRG or RUN modes.

    • Is there a potential problem with the shield?
    • Should I see any activity on the MIDI shield LEDs? How do I even access/program the MIDI shield LEDs?
  • Trying to get MIDI input to work with this shield on an UNO V3 board. I'm kind of new to this, so guessing it could be something really simple. MIDI output is working fine. MIDI input just seems to be dead. Assuming it could be a bad solder joint, but everything looks good.

    What I need to know is:

    • Is there a simple sketch I can use to test MIDI input on this shield?

    • What pins should I test with my meter to validate my connections? I get a positive reading if I test Pin4 on my MIDI Out against the TX line from the shield - should I get the same on Pin4 of my MIDI In against the RX line (I don't)?

    • What does the RUN/PROG switch do? My MIDI Out tests work in either mode.

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