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  • Product ROB-10267 | about 3 weeks ago

    Hello everyone. So I had this thing working perfectly for the past couple of days. Today I had to re-arrange the breadboard it was on. Everything was the same except that I tied the GND pin that is right next to the +5v pin on the EasyDriver board, to Arduino ground. I saw a picture from a tutorial showing it wired that way so I thought “why not”… After that it has completely stopped working. Have I destroyed the board by doing this?? Any help is appreciated!

  • Product ROB-09238 | about a month ago

    Does anyone have better dimension specs on this? Specifically the hole positioning. The datasheet seems a bit out of order when looked at closely. Thanks!

  • Product COM-08914 | about 4 months ago

    Thank you for that link!!!

  • Product WRL-12030 | about 6 months ago

    Has any kind of real life range testing been done? Would be nice to know how far these could really go.

  • Product COM-00746 | about 9 months ago

    I can’t help but read all your posts in Farnsworth’s voice…

  • Product COM-00107 | about 10 months ago

    O.K. Thanks for the info! I’ll see if I can get a series resistor to work and I’ll order a couple switching regulators (for the future and whatnot). As far as my set up goes: I have a breadboarded ATmega328p, with a ( receiving RF, they are currently both on the 5v reg power. You said that a switching regulator causes a little RF noise, do you think it would be enough to cause an interference at 315MHz? As far as dropping the input voltage, I have tried using a 5v 1A power supply (I think this was it: and removing the regulator, but then the Mega gets warm (Checking for shorts =P). Also I am worried that the ATmega won’t like the 5v directly from the power supply (would powering it directly like that be fine?). Once again, thanks a bunch for the help!

  • Product COM-00107 | about 10 months ago

    This is prob a noobish question but… If I wanted to lower the amount of heat this thing puts off, could I lower the input voltage with a voltage divider? And is this a smart idea? -Thanks in advance!

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