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  • Sounds like a problem with setOversampleRate(x). I had almost the exact same output when first using this sensor and the solution I found was to set it to 7.

  • You will need to do a calibration on the sensor. Changes in temp and other things like UV light seem to affect the senors output quite a bit. There was a calibration routine somewhere on this page that can adjust the sensors settings to your alt, but I can’t seem to find it.

  • The reason I am multiplying by 14.375 is because in the data-sheet it says that the sensitivity scale factor is 14.375. I read somewhere that is what you do to find the angular position roughly… I may be wrong.

  • Thanks a bunch! Also if you want to use this with XLoader, you must do the same!

  • Has anyone here figured out the math on converting the read(X, Y, Z) values in the example code to degrees per second? My best guess would be to take read(X, Y, Z) and divide it by 14.375. It would be really helpful to see how its done properly though.

  • So apparently the Servo library doesn’t like this sensor. Disconnected the servo and commented out its code. Everything works great now. =P

  • I seem to have fixed the problem by lowering the sample rate! EDIT: That only changed the speed. Altitude readings still go crazy after a set amount of time. Must be some counter that gets out of wack after x amount of readings.

  • Using the example code, when I try to read temperature it times out or takes a really long time to get the data compared to an altitude reading. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Sometimes when I read both the altitude and temperature the altitude’s measurement will go crazy and shoot up to something like: 4534500(m). I’ve double checked my wires and even had a friend look over them as well so I know that’s not it… Any info/advice would be awesome!

  • I just ordered a Max13487. I would love to see what you have done!

  • If I ran this at 6v how long til it would fail if at all?

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