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  • I don't suppose there's a USB A male version of this board, or does anyone know if such a USB connector exists so I could create my own board? Thanks.

  • Perhaps put the code on github? You might get all kinds of whizzy new features contributed. Maybe someone would even automate the merging of image data with the pin data and go straight to PDF or something like that? The CSV/... data sources would also be an extremely useful database to publish.

  • The link in "The folks at codebender just released the codebender ..." points at the wrong place; to a page on SF's website rather than the root of the remote website.

  • Crouton allows you to run any Linux app natively on the ChromeBook. That way, you don't have to rely on cloud services, which can be beneficial for both uptime and snooping reasons. I have yet to try the Arduino IDE on my ARM ChromeBook, but in principle there's no reason it shouldn't work. EagleCAD might run under qemu-user too, although I imagine it'd be slow.

  • I assume this is because there's a mains/AC powered version of this that's a bunch more expensive. Same model number with "AC" on the end.

  • The Linux kernel will soon work around the issue and accept bricked devices: http://marc.info/?l=linux-usb&m=141403510729881&w=2

  • Nice! This is almost as cheap as buying an old CA-42 Nokia data cable from eBay and replacing the connector, but a lot less hassle!

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