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  • Bought this kit in December. Followed the link to "Product Page" and great! Has a sweep function - which is exactly what sold me on this low cost device. So ordered. Ugh - No dice. The version Sparkfun sends you is NOT the latest firmware release - which is the version with the sweep function I needed. So off to the races on how to upgrade. Looked across 5-6 different documents to figure out how but got through the upgrade AFTER ordering the programming cable. (bought from Sparkfun - was cheaper than the one from Adafruit. Thought it would work because the schematic for the Pocket AVR Programmer has Limor Fried's name on it so they must be essentially the same.) So read the JYE Programmer doc to confirm the pins on the FG085 were compatible with the Sparkfun avr programmer cable. Looked on the adafruit website to understand how to use AVR Dude. Installed the software and programmer driver on my mac. Downloaded the firmware hex files from JYE Tech.

    Following instructions on the adafruit site for AVR Dude and applying their programmer instructions to the sparkfun programmer and referring to the JYE Tech documentation for their programmer and the FG085 docs to understand and confirm PIN layout compatibility - got 98% the way there when using AVR Dude to program. Its not documented but you have to use the -F option on the programming command line to force the program to load the hex file on the avr chips - this info was gleaned from the messages generated while using AVR Dude. So loaded the new firmware on both chips in the FG085 and Success!!! Firmware upgraded. Testing confirmed all works as expected. Done!!! A couple of hours of exploring many documents and web sites got me there.

    Now - back to reality - was kind of PO'd - Just wish Sparkfun had sent me a kit with the latest firmware. Would have saved me a lot of hassle and $18 for the Pocket AVR Programmer plus shipping (but i guess in the end, I still have the AVR Pocket Programmer which served me well in this process). Anyway, bottom line is that a firmware upgrade for the FG085 is doable but the understanding to make it happen is spread across a lot of different information sources. I did it so I suspect just about anyone can. Give it a try and most of all, good luck!!!!

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