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  • Alright, this is going to seem like a weird question, but the package that had this kit in it went through a snowblower. Fell out of a jacket pocket into a snow birm, and well you can figure out the rest. Luckily i found the board unscathed, but not much else lol.

    Anyway, i have a bunch of these lying around-

    I know they lack the internal diodes compared to the rfp30n06l's, but is there any way to use them, along with external diodes as replacements?

    I have everything else, the resistors, led's, 1n4001, just wondering if i can use the mosfets i have, along with some external diodes (any idea what rating if so?) in lieu of ordering replacement mosfets.

    Or should i just spend the few bucks to get new replacement mosfets?

    Can i get beefier mosfets of the same internal diode configuration to switch higher currents/voltages if so? Does that require different rated resistors, and a different diode than the 1n4001 if so?

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