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  • The video is 11:55. The intro is 00:08.

    In terms of branding, it shows SF's evolving polish.

    The only downside is for Rob (or the intro's producer). Should Rob shave, age, experience a weight change or is replaced, the intro will be out of date.

    No worries. The national television networks deal with this all the time.

    Clean, distinct...branded.

    Keep it.

  • �UniHorn Signaling Module - Q/C Station�

  • As this is a replacement product, is there a means to list or link, the relevant enhancements? Is there more than SDHC support?

  • For the Videographer/Producer:
    You’re shooting Rob wide-angle as he is seated at presumably square/rectangular table.
    But visually, the table’s sides widen noticeably as their planes fly behind the cam’s POV.
    And the back wall boxes.
    They are small in the middle.
    The first/second and last/next to last columns are wider.
    The boxes on each side wall are noticeably wider and seem to be jumping into “Hyperspace” as they exit the frame.
    With all that, the corners in the shot are almost vertical.
    Something you would never see in a camera’s viewfinder (still / video) without a tilt/shift lens.
    Or going to Photoshop / Avid afterwards.
    So the question is:
    Are you shooting forced-perspective?
    Twenty seconds into the 06-24-11, Rob’s movement does not tip your hat.
    Has anyone else noticed the elusive art of cuts-only?
    All the best……

  • -moved to 08.12.11

  • Hmmmmm....
    This might be a "One-Day-Sale" item. Still the syringe itself is worth $300.

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