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  • I have the same exact problem. The display stopped working and the air pump never shuts off, ever.
    Avoid this product as its impossible to get it fixed.

  • I submitted a board almost exactly like this through batch pcb not too long ago, for this exact chip. Funny how sparkfun carries a board for the same thing now, lol.

  • Just when I thought I was supporting a great American company, you go and show us your labor camps in China. Thanks sparkfun, for bringing me down again.

  • When will you stock batteries like this? 130mah 25C, $7 qty 1

  • So the 1 mile range does not mean it is full serial at 1 mile, it means that in perfect conditions eventually something will get through. I get about 400 feet at 9600 baud before I start dropping data outside, really dissapointing.

  • Here's the serial command reference manual. I found this very useful, not all commands are supported, such as sound.

  • "This board is on a 0.05" grid" really means "Someone screwed up and it doesn't fit on a breadboard." I just got this board and it does not fit on a standard breadboard without soldering the pins on crooked.

  • Well, I went ahead and try it anyway, and it works. I put 0.1 headers on the bottom and connected it to a microcontroller, provided 3.3v and it seems to work just fine.

  • If I solder 0.1 headers to the bottom and plug it into a breadboard, can I use the board without USB to connect a microcontroller and an xbee, assuming I provide power. I just want both options for USB and for breadboarding the xbee without buying two different breakout boards and I'm hoping that is an option.

  • Does anyone know the antenna used for a 15 mile range, or is that a theoretical number?