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  • Odd reading this on a website that could be blamed as part of the reason RS went to pot…

  • I guess I could just unsolder the cap anyway and put one in behind the board, with the leads insulated and reaching around…

  • Can you make the next version with the capability to put the capacitor on back? (or the sensor?) For example, have a set of pads on the back so someone could move the capacitor to the back side so the sensor can be a little more flush to whatever it is being mounted to?

  • Is the preorder version the one with the external wifi antenna or on-board antenna?

  • Automotive protip: Always make sure power is getting to the “end device” first and then trace it towards the power source. There are lots of low current and/or voltage controls even in older cars.

  • Note to self (publicly)… never trust anything from sparkfun if it is going to be part of something that could injure or kill a human.

    …and definitely don’t go mountain climbing, flying, parachuting, or any other extreme activity with someone from sparkfun that has had a hand in building, operating, or otherwise touched any gear used in said extreme sports without double checking the work they have done.

  • I was looking for a unique alternative to the 16x2 LCD for CPM on the DIY Geiger counter project I have rolling. This will definitely get me down to the size goal I have. I don’t say this often but: way to go SparkFun.

  • In the description it says “This Singe [sic] In-Line component is actually 5 individual 10K Ohm resistors that share a common terminal on pin 6 (denoted with a black dot).” You may want to change that as the data sheet says pin 1 is common. (after about 2 years you’d think the misspelling would be changed too ;))

  • Yeah why deprive some other deserving group of a van when you already got yourself an RV and can obviously afford to just buy a van anyway, if you really needed it…

  • A fair amount of other places at least include the headers separately when they do this, if their intention really was convenience and not something else.

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