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  • I fishing pal of mine actually ties his flies in the field. He just looks around at what is in the air and what the fish are biting, finds one, and copies it. Helps that he can tie just about anything in under 3-6 minutes with most taking less than 2 if he has a partly made body that matches close enough.

    He doesn't try to remember the whole fly book to make exact copies from memory/scratch, he just learned it in applicable pieces. He knows to get one wing pattern you do X with Y and to get another you do Z with Y. He keeps three little material kits organized by time in the season and what is "up" at the time. The other kit has generic materials, his neck-worn fly vice attached to a 9" work table, a few bobbins/clamps, and a loupe. All of it takes the same space as my collection of pre-tied stuff that I can't catch 1/2 of what he catches in the same few hours.

  • My favorites are still the USPS flat-rate boxes. Cardboard is just so easy and cheap to house prototypes.

  • I think the point was that the eval kit has more to it, yet is cheaper. Sure this is smaller, has less components overall, and is intended for use in a prototype, but why does it need to be more expensive with fewer things going into it? (Before you even think it, yes, design time, making the boards, etc does cost, but the dev kit has more of all that too due to its complexity.)

  • So with everything being faster, less hands-on, and more accurate, this will reduce costs? Passing any of that on to customers?

  • Odd reading this on a website that could be blamed as part of the reason RS went to pot...

  • I guess I could just unsolder the cap anyway and put one in behind the board, with the leads insulated and reaching around...

  • Can you make the next version with the capability to put the capacitor on back? (or the sensor?) For example, have a set of pads on the back so someone could move the capacitor to the back side so the sensor can be a little more flush to whatever it is being mounted to?

  • Is the preorder version the one with the external wifi antenna or on-board antenna?

  • Automotive protip: Always make sure power is getting to the "end device" first and then trace it towards the power source. There are lots of low current and/or voltage controls even in older cars.

  • Note to self (publicly)... never trust anything from sparkfun if it is going to be part of something that could injure or kill a human.

    ...and definitely don't go mountain climbing, flying, parachuting, or any other extreme activity with someone from sparkfun that has had a hand in building, operating, or otherwise touched any gear used in said extreme sports without double checking the work they have done.

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