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  • Any stepper motor tutorial that doesn't teach that there are unipolar and bipolar motors is mostly empty. Even more so when you carry both types.

    I can understand you want to make a QUICKstart guide. But based on forum threads on stepper motor product pages, I can see most people have problem matching motors and drivers that you distribute. So we need a "selection guide" as much as we need a quickstart guide that explain neither motor types or driving current (or the mismatch between voltage rating of a motor and the voltage actually used to drive it through some driver).

    Adding a warning that a stepper driver must not be disconnected while powered would be wise. Do you really expect readers to read the details of the driver if you give them a quickstart guide?

    Have a look there: Jones on Stepping Motors

  • Details please. How long will it source 700mA at 5.5VDC? Battery is 2000mAh, but which voltage?

    From charger datasheet, we can infer its a single cell. Output is 5.5v, so we can infer it has a boost circuit. Where is the datasheet? What is the efficiency of said circuit?

    Because I'd prefer a "1000mAh battery pack with 90% efficient boost circuit" over a "2000mAh with 40% efficient boost", even if it looks less beefy...

    To potential customers... do not assume this will give you 2 * 3.7/(0.7 * 5.5)=1.9 hours while draining 700mA.

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