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  • Hello Sparkfun

    I have had a problem with corrupt data, when using channel 6 of the logomatic data logger.

    The problem present it self by corrupting the data of row1 in the data logged (in the txt file).

    At first i thought i had a problem with my input circuitry, but i have since verified the problem on a spare board i have, without any input circuit connected.

    I have been investigating the problem further, by connecting a pot meter to channel 6, which i can adjust from 0 - 3,3[V]dc. I have included a portion of the sampled data, so i can illustrate the error, which i have concluded, must be an software error, which only presents itself under certain conditions.

    Row 1 data is being corrupted by row 6 data, when the ADC counts are turned above 1000.

    The last digit in the previous row 6 sample, is being written into the next row 1 sample.

    378 33 36 38 25 36 31 1018

  • anyone know if the unused U.FL footprint you see on the picture (of the module) will work for the antenna, if solder a connector on to it?

    cant find anything in the datasheet on it. just seems a waste of time to bother with correct impedance layout in my design, if i just can use that connector.

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