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  • It's great that you've added these - no more raiding bathroom scales. I assume that 10Kg/1024 bits A/D yields a theoretical resolution of about 10 gm. Have you measured a minimum weight and accuracy for this load cell? How much noise is present? Thanks.

  • Thanks. I also just discovered that the Redbot is available as a complete kit. Is it possible to put the rest of the components for a complete Shadow in a separate kit? (For student-friendly orders, out of stock components can make ordering complete sets of "works" a challenge.)

  • Even without a kit, a list of required & optional parts (motor, wheels, etc) with part numbers would be appreciated. Links to an encoder an line sensor won't make it move. It also looks like everything uses 3 wire jumpers - where are these? Thanks.

  • How should I interpret the line which says: "Though this kit won’t turn your Edison into an Arduino itself, you will, however, gain access to to the Arduino’s shield library and resources!"?

  • Will the Arduino Breakout stack with additional Edison blocks, or is this a terminal configuration? How about the 12V power supply - what connector etc? Should I also get the interface block kit?

  • Any word on when the replacement for the non-USB version, SEN-08423, will be back in stock?

  • Antimony is added, in part, to avoid "tin pest" in high tin content alloys. To see tin pest at work, watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUoVEmHuykM

  • This is the best lead-free solder that I have ever used, at any price. (You can pay less and struggle more if you wish.) It is also 0.02", which is much easier to use than the more common 0.03" diameters as it is easier to apply small amounts when necessary. I use a 15 Watt fixed wattage iron and it melts just fine (Hakko Dash 15W). Lower silver content solders require higher wattages and can produce more damage and scorch. The washable flux comes off easily, but does tend to blacken on the iron. It wipes off cleanly. The very low antimony content does not concern me - I don't eat the stuff.

  • Mine is so heavily covered with red solder mask that the copper side is unreadable. Very disappointing.

  • Hello, I'd like to comment that the attachment of the microUSB connector is still a problem, nearly 2 years after the first concerned comments. In my case, simply picking up the charger with the cable attached exerted enough force to physically rip the connector with copper solder pads off of the PCB. Note, that this is a copper layer bonding issue, not a soldering issue. I have two small holes showing brown PCB where the copper used to be. These pads are very small (i.e. size of the microUSB solder tabs. Making them larger would improve their bond strength to the PCB material.

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