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  • Ok , maybe I should say one of the many concepts that I'm going to use these for , light up color changing swords for cosplay/rave party/martial arts simulation movement .
     They can run from about 3.5V to 5V which means that I can hook up three Ni-Mh batteries (in series , duh) and then charge those batteries at 4.8V and still be within the suggested voltage limits (because the battery cell at nominal will be 3.6V but they will be less than 4.8V when they're fresh off of the charger , and these RGB changing LEDs can handle that voltage range , so this means that I don't need a regulator in My light up clear plastic sword things keeping it simple , but I'm going to have five of these LEDs in each sword (10 total) but I and many other people will use these for many other reasons , I have one in My Predator Plasma Caster .    Thanks Spark Fun and People  
  • “We didn’t find anything that matched LED - 5mm Cycling RGB (Slow Blink) pack of 25” Notice that it said “PACK OF 25” but aparently that doesn’t exist yet , suggestion . Thank You Spark Fun for being a degree of Awesome .

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