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  • I concur with qartis. I am able to easily pull the serial feed from the Uni-T UT390B. I am not, however, able to issue commands to the device. I need to push the "on" button to take a reading. Not ideal because i want it to turn on, take a reading, turn off, all as fast as possible..

    As such, I will buy one of the UT390B devices for one member here who is willing to put serious time and energy into seeing what commands can be sent to the device. It is pretty accurate too! (Note, the UT391 is more accurate and also LOOKS like it has accessible serial contacts. Nate, are you still interested? The battle is half-way won. See the output below.

    '-----------Taking a reading! RK
    Dist: 2083,curtemp =22 
    nDist: 2083,tempDv=0
    WriteTestData TRUE 
  • Unrelated Note: Have you seen this? Pretty nice, good price. If it works and is accurate, I like it. Could interface it with just about anything. SENIC

  • Can I order a breakout board from you to interface with this? Have you tried getting this distance reading into an arduino?

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