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  • Has anyone seen any phantom rain readings while the battery is charging?

    Several times throughout the day today, i was getting indications of precipitation when there was clearly none falling. This seemed to correlate to times when the system was actively charging. It seems to happen whether I'm charging from solar or via USB. Note that I am using an Adafruit solar/lipo charger instead of the Sparkfun Sunny Buddy. Not quite sure what to make of that yet. Will watch for more events tomorrow.

  • I have also been wondering about cold weather charging of the Lipo. I'm in Buffalo, NY and we get some pretty cold winters here. We very often have weeks/months of 0C weather where charging a Lipo would fall outside the recommended operating range. Are there any alternatives for battery power that would be more feasible in cold weather?

  • Anyone have problems with Windspeed when using the IMP Shield? My windspeed works fine when using the SF Weather Shield, SF Weather Meters, and an Arduino Uno R3.

    When I add the Imp Shield to the stack, my wind speeds all report to 0. I've checked Digital Pin 3 on the stackable riser on the Imp and WeatherShields. All the conections seem ok.

    Could I try a different digital I/O pin for windspeed? i.e. move the WSPEED to pin 5?

    I'm looking for suggestions on what to try next.. Running out of ideas.

  • I see these are IP66 rated... Can anyone comment on how that translates to use outdoors. It would be exposed to rain and condensation over time. Any concerns with the moisture exposure in those conditions?

    Accodring to IP66: IP66 Enclosure - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

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