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  • Any idea if this will produce enough vacuum to degass two part silicone or epoxies to reduce bubbles in casting?

  • Straight up questions- -does this sensor fusion stuff mean the chip puts out a stable yaw/roll/pitch referred to the local magnetic field vector? At the least can I get a stabilised roll/pitch referred to the local gravity vector? -is there a licence fee to be paid to get the sensor fusion stuff on board? If so how much -whats the rigmarole in getting sensor fusion onto the chip...can it come pre-fusioned, does each unit have to undergo a programming process? -with the sensor fusion....what's the update rate?

    reason I ask is I've got a product that's currently got rate sensor/mag/acc sensors in three chips and logs all three. A post processing program downloads the sensor data and does the math. Two problems math is buggy and I'd prefer to have it just working out of the chip and the other is that all the raw log data takes up memory....logging the yaw/roll/pitch only would save a lot.


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