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Eddy T

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  • I used one of these devices in a 3.3V system with the following series resistors: Blue (pin 2): 1.8K, Green (pin 3): 4.7K, Red (pin 4): 2.2K. Of course the common cathode pin 1 is grounded. These resistor values might sound high, but as the description says, these LEDs are really bright, especially the green one. These resistors give approximately equal perceived brightness to my eyes. Since I'm using this device with a battery powered XBee radio, the low current draw is a definite plus. The currents with these resistors measured: Blue: 430 uA, Green: 200 uA, Red: 750 uA. You can certainly use lower value resistors (down to 75 ohms or lower in a 3.3V system) without exceeding the spec but the LEDs get blindingly bright very fast.

  • Assuming the datasheet figure is the top view, Pin 1 is the Common Cathode, Pin 2 (the one with the chamfer) is Blue, Pin 3 is Green and Pin 4 is Red

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