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  • I want more Fritzing... Ok most of my use has been to document projects - and Fritzing is great at this with both it's schematic and breadboard view. All of these tools have yucky learning curves, and I'd rather not learn a tool for PCB work (which I am in 'getting started' mode with) and a different tool for documentation. (FYI by documentation, I mean slides for my local electronics (ham) club.)

    Also, Simon Monk has a great book on Fritzing! (Got me started) 73

  • Question:

    Can a device like this be used to protect the ADC on the Arduino from over-voltage? I am working on a circuit and I don't have an oscilloscope, so I will be experimenting with different gains on an op amp until I get a good voltage range for input into the ADC.

    Can (or should) I use a Zener like this to prevent sending too much voltage to the ADC input without altering lower voltage signals (i.e. will the signal be unmodified if the max voltages stay under the zenar's trigger voltage)?

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