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  • Kudos to Nic for putting this project up, and risking everyone’s comments about fuses. I woulda made the comment too if it weren’t for all the others. Additionally you crushed the price of the kits for this exact thing you find on ebay.

  • The SerLCD firmware doesn’t appear to permit creating custom characters, does it? Unless I’ve missed something?

  • Welcome to another episode of Wacky Races! Professor Pat Pending pulls in the lead with his Convert-a-car followed by Penelope Pitstop. Dick Dastardly is up to his usual hijinks altering the track in the next lane…

  • I’m ready to go biking, I got my leathers.

  • Sparkfun’s breathalyzer access control widget still needs a bit of work…

  • I’m also interested in using this with my own PWM control, rather than the Pots. Anyone done this?

  • SHOW! I’m interested in buying a few of these, but the specs are somewhat vague… Such as peak current

  • We need one of these for the Nokia Colour SMD connector
    …just a thought

  • If anyone is confused by the layout of the wiznet website, and where the Device terminal program is; I found it.
    The Device Terminal Program is located here: Terminal.exe

  • EDIT:
    I was able to finally connect to my device using the Configuration Tool. For those of you with this problem, try connecting the unit directly to your computer’s Ethernet Port, and restart the computer if necessary. Once found, change the Wiznet parameters so that you can connect to it however you see fit.
    My next problem is that I cannot receive any data from the unit via Serial in both TCP and UDP in and out of debug mode. The operations are as follows:
    UDP-> Serial (nothing on serial terminal)
    Serial-> UDP (characters aren’t perfect and the characters are echoed via serial)
    TCP Client Mode:
    Unit Connects to PC TCP server
    Serial-> TCP (characters aren’t perfect and the characters are echoed via serial)
    TCP Server Mode:
    Can Connect to Unit
    Serial -> TCP characters aren’t perfect and the characters are echoed via serial)
    TCP -> Serial (nothing on serial terminal)
    *Characters aren’t perfect:
    p = ~ or |
    h = ? or |
    Any one have any insight? Much appreciated

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