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  • Can it? Yes. Is it recommended? Not really (for most people).

    Up until a few months ago, the imp nearly required internet access to work. After a few firmware updates (which happen automatically when it connects to the internet), it now supports wireless-less-ness (if that's not at all confusing) after being programmed, but most of what is great about the imp is the ability for it to be online, and offload processes to the cloud (each imp gets a cloud based 'agent' to offload processing to, and run tasks impractical for the imp itself, such as hosting a web page and processing the hex file).

    But if you want it to only have temporary internet access, any wifi connection should work, be it phone/tablet, mifi, or permanent AP. One caveat. Until recently, it could only store connection information for one wireless AP at a time (the one used at the time of programming). Now, you can scan for wireless access points, and connect to any AP that you hard code connection into your program (ie, set up connection details for your home wifi and work wifi, and when it sees one, it connects to it).

    And my first post here is a WoT... Sorry.