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  • I solved it. Dumb mistake. I had the parity set to SPACE.

  • I cant get my Xbee Pro 900 to communicate with X-CTU without hitting the reset. I have the Xbee on the Sparkfun Explorer USB ( Solutions i have tried: Forcing the USB to supply at least 300mb. resetting the Xbee to defaults by way of holding the resets and once prompted for device from xctu i attach the xbee to the board and the device is written to by the X-CTU software (all complete and successful) . Nothing has worked. I check the device through the Terminal and when “+++” is entered it returns “OK.” rather than “OK” (notice the extra “.”) . Is this normal? I have posted on DIGI’s website but no one has responded to my questions. I have other issues but need to resolve this before moving on.

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