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  • I’ve put my code for this shield (usine the Due and the Adafruit LPD8806 LED strip) up on github:

    The library is written as a C++ class that allows you to define sound-driven segments on the LED strip quite easily. The comments explain everything.

    Even if you don’t have this particular hardware the library may help, especially if you’re using a Due and SPI.

  • I used this shield on a Due to do an LED strip on an outdoor barbecue:

    Way easier than trying to program and debug a Hartley or FFT and keep up real-time. The best $25 I ever spent.

    I do agree the noise level on the spectrum shield runs high - about 8-10% of max level is what I found, but not a problem to gate out in the software and really little effect for what this project was. I did try putting a stiff cap. across the power rails which didn’t help, so this is something more intrinsic to the shield implementation.

    I also found that the LED strip (the Adafruit 32-LED/meter one) had to be power-cycled after initial bootup or it wouldn’t always come on. (Nothing to do with the spectrum shield, just FYI). Not sure where that problem is - it runs fine off 3.3V clock/data & 5V power otherwise, but I just programmed the home automation system to do it, so again not a problem.

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