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  • I think I must have solved well over six thousand captchas, four hours, and nothing. :( I love the Free Day concept, I love that I won some money the past two Free Days, but this was an exercise in torture, severe eye strain, and a very negative experience in my otherwise positive interactions with Sparkfun. :/

  • I just did so, and the information in the description is incorrect (care to correct this, Sparkfun? And kudos that I got it as part of Free Day :) ). With the nub up and facing you, and the pins on the bottom away from you and pointing towards your chest, from left (pin 1) to right (pin 4):
    1) x-axis output
    2) +5V
    3) y-axis output
    4) gnd
    Just to make sure I'm clear, my pin 4 is the one closest to the two screw/mounting holes. When connected to an Arduino, I get a range of about 128 to 775 on each axis, with enough consistency to check if it's at -x, center-x, +x, and -y, center-y, and +y. It has a fairly large range of "nominal" values when centered, but this isn't a problem for me since my application doesn't involve reading a range of values.

  • Thanks Sparkfun, I had a good time trying for this, and I was happy to be one of the successful few. I look forward to playing with my new toys when they arrive; I hope this was successful from a philanthropic, marketing, and IT standpoint. Cheers.

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