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  • Depends. If the repeatability is good (e.g. switches from 2mm to 1mm at the same distance from heat bed every time) then I can just work out the actual offset and adjust the slicer/firmware accordingly. Exact same process as the inductance sensor I use. The advantage over the inductance sensor (which is just an open collector on/off switch) is that I could vary the z axis feed rate based on the distance from the bed with less concern of it smashing into the head bed if it is travelling too fast. Of course spending extra money on this sensor over the cheap inductance sensor to save 30 seconds during bed leveling seems over the top if a print takes 5 hrs anyway.

    There are plenty of other projects I'd like to try it out on though!

  • These would be cool for projects such as heliostats, where you want to track maximum power. You could use a grid of them (say 5) at slightly different angles to work out the angle that is perpendicular to the suns rays...

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