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  • What is the distance it can mesure? Say I want to measure a dot in an accuracy of 1x1mm blocks from 10 meters away, is this ok to use or should I use a camera?

  • Will a DUE play audio beautifully through this? its 12 bit audio isn’t good enough fro me I think, I need 16+

  • So say I have a 7inch touch screen tft lcd hooked up to an Arduino Due… Is there any way I can have maps and create a full navigation system. I am turbocharging a big car, going to have tons of power around 600, I want a screen in the dash that can control servos to regulate boost pressures and everything, I also want the stereo done on the Due (Easy can be done in minutes), and I want to add a possible navigation system. Anyone done it with maps? Thanks

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