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  • Not bad, although if you look at the picture carefully you can see that these knobs do have a position indicator. Whilst they do the job perfectly they're idea for rotary encoders if you are a true perfectionist. They do have a nice solid feel to them though

  • Received this last night and really pleased with it. Word of caution though, when you insert the encoder, you will best to squeeze the grips a little with some pliers as you press down. I initially tried just pressing it and it caused the little grip thing to bend up upwards as there was too much friction. The good news is though that it sits very snug once in correctly. You could probably even get away without any solder!

  • I agree with your concerns. I'm going to be connecting this to a raspberry pi. I could power it from 3.3v, but I can't help feel this would be better if the switch was normally high impedance and went low when closed. We could then use an external pullup (or one built into the microcontroller). This would having to replace the encoder though with one with a common cathode.

    Well that's my feedback sparkfun, hope somebody takes this seriously.

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