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  • A couple of big differences from my point of view - with Sparkfun I have to pay shipping and have to wait a few days for the part to arrive. At Radio Shack I had it in my hand and there was no shipping shock added to the price. Even with their inflated prices, for small generic items the overall price was lower and I had it right away.

    Please note, I’m not hating, complaining or blaming. They’re 2 different business models. I just wish that there was still a place where I could walk in and buy an LED without paying 10 times as much for shipping that would let me have it when I needed it.

    For things that I can wait for to arrive by cheap (slooow) mail, and for those special items that no one else has, SF definitely has it over RS (especially since they’re still in business).

  • Nope, nope. You can’t have it. No matter how many votes your caption gets, you can’t win the prize in the Red Box.

  • The Atmel tech, hanging onto u while catching a rectangular frisbee (used by the Sparkfun folks to exercise their dogs).

  • Yeah, Boulder’s great. If it was warmer and closer to the ocean it’d be perfect. :-)

  • While the IoT privacy concerns are bad enough, they’re not what’s keeping me awake at night. After all, we are almost fully transitioned into a post-privacy society. A few more years of being trained to overshare on facebook and it won’t make any difference. My fears are for when IoT is used to control things instead of just monitoring them. The possibilities for disaster go up exponentially.

    We don’t even have to invoke terrorists. Buggy code and poor hardware design will do it for us, especially when ComCast is the main data and control channel. And when the system is working, that just means that anyone who can connect to our hardware can run our lives.

    Then, in addition to that, hobbyists are great folks and have some really neat ideas, but they are not necessarily good control engineers, systems designers, testers, documenters, etc. and most have no notion of information assurance and anti-tamper. At least not without some kind of professional training.

    So that’s my reaction to an IoT put together by hobbyists. Sorry Pearce.

  • Yet another unintended side-effect of Amendment 64.

  • The odds-on favorite in the Stair Climbing contest

  • :-) :-) :-)

  • No. There’s not even a schematic at the moment. They did publish schematics for the previous Pis, so maybe there’s one on the way. Though I have to wonder, how did they get it manufactured without one? Or, just how much work is it to hit print and select PDF as the output from their schematic capture program? Maybe they used the trial version that disables print :-)

  • Speaking of power, they changed the power supply circuit so you can’t backpower it through the +5V pin on the GPIO connector anymore. The only power option now is through that miserable micro USB connector. So be sure to order a powered USB hub along with your Pis.

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