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  • Looks like Internet Kontrol Engineering Associates

  • Filling out the Sparkfun CEO application with help from the robot career development coach, while getting a crackload of chigger bites.

  • Relative time on the planet is unaffected by lack of leap seconds. What the leap seconds are for is to keep us in synch with astronomical time. Without leap seconds, anything that involves calculating positions relative to the spinning Earth would eventually go wrong. That’d be satellite orbits (including GPS and comsats, triangulation of SAR beacons from satellites, reconnaissance images), lunar orbit (eclipse predictions would be off, spacecraft could miss), astronomical observations (stellar occultations) the predicted impact points for asteroids (the dinosaurs never had leap seconds), planetary orbits, stellar positions, etc. So it’s nowhere near as trivial as some folks make it out to be. At orbital speeds, that single leap second is the equivalent of 5 miles or so. At escape velocity it’s 7.

    So appreciate the leap second. There’s hundreds of billions of dollars riding on it.

  • Just give it to the winner of the next caption contest.

  • What’s the development system for this? Editor, compiler, loader, debugger, etc.

  • The illegitimate son of Lady Ada and Duke Nukem gets an intern position at Sparkfun.

  • For the caption contest that’s sure to come with a still of the Mad Max MiP firing his flamethrower in the product video -

    All orders are delayed 3 weeks while SparkFun moves into their new new building.

    Remember, you saw it here first.

  • A couple of big differences from my point of view - with Sparkfun I have to pay shipping and have to wait a few days for the part to arrive. At Radio Shack I had it in my hand and there was no shipping shock added to the price. Even with their inflated prices, for small generic items the overall price was lower and I had it right away.

    Please note, I’m not hating, complaining or blaming. They’re 2 different business models. I just wish that there was still a place where I could walk in and buy an LED without paying 10 times as much for shipping that would let me have it when I needed it.

    For things that I can wait for to arrive by cheap (slooow) mail, and for those special items that no one else has, SF definitely has it over RS (especially since they’re still in business).

  • Nope, nope. You can’t have it. No matter how many votes your caption gets, you can’t win the prize in the Red Box.

  • The Atmel tech, hanging onto u while catching a rectangular frisbee (used by the Sparkfun folks to exercise their dogs).

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