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  • Come on, Cordelia! Goneril and Regan are going to win.

  • Unsoldered headers in the bag, please. In fact, I’d love to see this for every through-hole connector. Raspberry Pi without that stupid useless yellow RCA connector would be lovely (I know, not Sparkfun’s call, but mentioned as a ferinstance)..

    Another reason for unsoldered headers is that sometimes you want the pins on top, sometimes on the bottom, depending on where the cables come in.

  • Shit! Third lightsaber to do that this week.

  • Yeah, I got screwed by the disappearing stuff in my cart trick during DD and I’ve never really had the affection for sparkfun that I used to have before that. I used to place an order almost every month, but in the last 2 years I’ve only placed 2. I haven’t stopped ordering stuff, just switched to a different company in NYC that sells much of the same stuff. Sparkfun is now only for stuff that I can’t get elsewhere.

  • then it won’t be too long and there will no longer be any more Dives

    Fine by me

  • Here’s a suggestion - just for these special events fix the shopping cart system so that once something is in the cart, it’s not available for anyone else to grab. Get rid of the real world equivalent of people taking something off a shelf and then having someone else steal it out of the cart (or, alternatively, the equivalent of someone fraudulently advertising something for sale that doesn’t exist).

    I’ve heard all sorts of justifications that someone could lock up all the stock and you’d never be able to sell anything.So put a time limit on it, maybe 20 minutes, and only enable it for special events like DD. The stock will still sell out in 2 minutes, people will still complain about not getting the “good” stuff (there’s a reason it’s called a dumpster dive), but at least no one will be getting screwed by having their cartload of stuff disappear at checkout.

  • If all you wanted was a cheap claws pun, Jensen567’s was funnier.

  • And then the iconoclasts attempted to add the hairy crab dance to the Festivus celebration. The heretics were rejected by the women. Unable to breed, they died out and orthodoxy prevailed.

  • That’s a Fishburne, not a crabburne

  • Zoidberg tries to get frisky while the gang hides from Santa Bot.

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