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Member Since: January 2, 2013

Country: United States

  • Version 4.0b is here: http://bit.ly/1SKdWZn (UPDATED) (This link contains a download for Arduino Mega and Arduino Uno)

    Some changes have been made such as having the ability to input a channel into a serial interface along with presets and muting (changing the channel this way only supports North American FM channels (i.e., 93.1, 102.7, 105.3...)). Also, the back-light will automatically dim after a certain amount of time has passed; you can toggle between the back-light's default mode or being continuously on by holding the Seek Up and Seek Down buttons simultaneously. It is also easier for you to set your own presets in the code.

  • Version 3.9b is here: http://bit.ly/1TkFXrC (OUTDATED) (This link contains a download for Arduino Mega and Arduino Uno)

    Arduino Uno Setup (Pins: SeekUp - 12, SeekDown - 11, Preset Select - 3, Volume Pot - A1, Radio Reset - 2, Radio SDIO - A4, Radio SCLK - A5)

  • Version 3.7b is here: http://bit.ly/1Ay5wiE (OUTDATED)

    This has truly been my first advanced Arduino project...If anyone wants to Tweet me with questions or comments that'd be cool xD Thanks guys!

    Twitter: ThisPerson64

  • Here is a cleaned up version with a better serial monitor layout: http://bit.ly/1OWfZYr

  • I would like to see some updates to the library to provide some more flexibility with RDS. I've made a simple radio with an LCD button shield from Sparkfun and this FM Board however when I use RDS my code lags. I wish I knew how to manually access the board, but an updated library would help a lot of people.

    If you would like to take a look at my project here is the Library and Project File (look below before downloading): http://bit.ly/1OVRkDo (there is some unimplemented code in the project just FYI)

    You need an Arduino Mega 2560, the Si4703 FM Board, a potentiometer, jumper wires, 3 buttons with resistors, and the LCD Button Shield (v1)

    Wire the project as follows: Radio to Arduino: 3.3v to 3.3v - Grnd to Grnd - SDIO to Digital Pin 20 - SCLK to Digital Pin 21 - Reset to Digital Pin 31

    Scan Up Button to Digital Pin 22 - Scan Down Button to Digital Pin 24 - Next Preset (Los Angeles area presets) to Digital Pin 35 - Volume Potentiometer to Analog Pin 15

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