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  • single layer coders is so 2012, double layer coders is the future! OR I had a bad moment trying to figure out how I was going to use my desk, but this has worked out very nicely. OR I was always cold but my coworkers wouldn't let me adjust the thermostat so I moved my desk up into warmer air. OR Forget about bunk beds, bunk Desks! OR There wasn't enough light where I was working before so I moved closer to the light.

  • I noticed Boulder is only about 25 miles from Denver, if I remember correctly Denver is major hub for the Internet backbone. Since Sparkfun has Fiber into the building where the servers are, you could end up with the bulk of the cable carrying your connection on Fiber. In fact people in countries where Fiber to the door is the norm, could end up with 100% of the cable being fiber. Fiber (vs. copper) being faster, with less lag and Routing (Routing takes time). Meaning people with mostly fiber would end with a faster response from the website, and less dropped packets. (Caused partly by buffer overflows in routers trying to do to much) Thats my two cents worth anyway.

  • I had the same problem, but was lucky enough to be able to use the side with that has the serial and power connections.
    Maybe Sparkfun could carry some of these with the Xbee sockets already soldered on?

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