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  • Use this to detect ghosts.

  • why send it in the sky? want to read high levels of radiation (radon) put it in your basement, you'll be surprised - depending on where you live in the country, but should still pick it up. When radon decays it emits a beta particle and gamma ray so should be picked up by this sensor if my thinking is correct.

  • chinese parts? or UK?

  • ya i think all my holiday money will be going to Adafruit this time, it's a shame because Ive always thought SF to be superior in site/products. But even as Npoole continues to mock ppl with certain beliefs, even in the comments here, why would SF think we would turn over our cash to them? I will be sure to advertise this post with as many sites as i can. shameful.

  • as i said, math is off, 46.72 is not 50. actually. i really dont pay attention to the prices of the boards, i just buy them as they come out, actually. its nice to be able to afford them all, actually. i can do my own experiments, actually. then i dont have to rely on someones word, actually, who just doesnt see the point of somethings, just because the cost is 46.72% more.

  • bbb is nice, but buggy. you got lucky if yours works 100%. and your math seems off, 50% more?

  • A8 or A10? Desc says 8, photo says 10. got one anyway today, should be fun to toy with.

  • did you go to your account page and update payment on that order? thats what i had to do.

  • they did come in, everyone preordered them and they were all spoken for. mine shipped out today. best to order it now to guarantee you'll have one on the 24th.

  • mine shipped out today, thank you. now ill have to go spend some more money because i MUST accessorize.

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