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  • chinese parts? or UK?

  • ya i think all my holiday money will be going to Adafruit this time, it’s a shame because Ive always thought SF to be superior in site/products. But even as Npoole continues to mock ppl with certain beliefs, even in the comments here, why would SF think we would turn over our cash to them? I will be sure to advertise this post with as many sites as i can. shameful.

  • as i said, math is off, 46.72 is not 50. actually. i really dont pay attention to the prices of the boards, i just buy them as they come out, actually. its nice to be able to afford them all, actually. i can do my own experiments, actually. then i dont have to rely on someones word, actually, who just doesnt see the point of somethings, just because the cost is 46.72% more.

  • bbb is nice, but buggy. you got lucky if yours works 100%. and your math seems off, 50% more?

  • A8 or A10? Desc says 8, photo says 10. got one anyway today, should be fun to toy with.

  • did you go to your account page and update payment on that order? thats what i had to do.

  • they did come in, everyone preordered them and they were all spoken for. mine shipped out today. best to order it now to guarantee you’ll have one on the 24th.

  • mine shipped out today, thank you. now ill have to go spend some more money because i MUST accessorize.

  • someone should answers/confirm this..

  • Highly recommend this gps. got it tracking on google earth via xbees and uno’s so easily. the position on the map is the exact part of my house the gps is in, so it looks real accurate. picking up signal indoors no problem.

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