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  • And now you have two problems.

  • Full stack programmers -- accept no substitutes.

  • Calamari,
    Instead of sending e-mail to individuals, do us all a favor and post what you have in the SparkFun forum. You could reply to this thread:
    I'm interested in this LCD and would like to see your information, too.

  • I wonder if these Molex connectors from Digi-Key will work:

  • The PIC-MCP-USB is a tempting programmer. Unfortunately, it is finicky about all things USB. It requires a short USB cable, no hubs and lots of current. I bought it because I read that it was Linux compatible. I never tried it on Linux because it stopped working too soon. I tried another one which worked for a while, then failed. After burning through two of these boards, I switched to the ICD2 and am much happier with it. Summary: it works most of the time, but the ICD2 is better.

  • I love this board! I've used it for two different projects (Vdd=5V) and will buy another for my next project. Documentation is sparse, but following traces will help you figure it out. In addition to the note by Cpr. Crunch about voltage, note that the TX and RX labels should be connected to the RX and TX pins of your PIC's EUSART respectively. If you look at the RS-232 pinouts, MAX232 datasheet, and PIC datasheet, you'll see what I mean.

  • This Olimex ICD2 is useful and reliable. I'm using the USB interface with MPLAB to program my PIC 18F4550 on a PIC-P40 development board. I have the ICD2 powered by a 9V wall wart (delivering ~13V) and had no problems.

  • Assembly took me about one hour due to the small parts involved. This works well with the Pololu Round Robot Chassis. Each of the included motors draws ~0.35A at 5V when unloaded. Short circuit current is ~0.75A at 5V. The useful voltage range is ~2.0-8.4V.

  • The prior 2500mAh NiMH AAs by the same manufacturer didn't compete against my 2100mAh Energizer NiMH AAs. They don't hold a charge as long on the shelf and don't last as long in high-drain applications. I haven't tested them in lighter-duty applications. I wonder if the 2700mAh AAs are improved.

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