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  • Somebody suggested metering the leads but both sides test the same for continuity… wth.

    Next to the stamped part number there is a smaller “3” - do you think that means pin 3?

  • As long as you can be sure that your adapter is 5V, then you will be fine! Since this is USB protocol, power rails ARE at 5V and the adapter you linked to is just fine. There had better be a damn good reason for somebody to use more than 5V in a USB port… if they did, a looot of people would be reporting burnt devices.

    Amperage is only drawn as needed - the charger will use what it wants. That 2.1A rating is a max supply rating, meaning you shouldn’t connect the adapter to anything that draws more than 2.1A. In this case, you’re just fine.

    Can somebody take a peek at that datasheet and clarify the Supply Current (Iss) for me? Seems like the units for some values in that table should be mA instead of uA… what max total supply current does this chip draw?

  • Roughly 49.7mm. Digital caliper for scale

  • Ha. I wish the border fees to Canada weren’t so crazy :S

  • One.

  • Just have to make sure your supply has enough juice to power the amount of LEDs you have ;). It’s kind of a cool effect - my psu doesn’t juice enough to power 300 pixels on #FFF, so the lights start out as white and fade to orange later down the strip.

  • I’m not convinced that your power supply is the problem. Are you using a data-in resistor between your controller and the LEDs? Check out the end of the Breakout Hookup Guide .

  • Does anybody know what package size the capacitor is?

  • Dumping on the political beliefs of half your customers

    What? How? Stating the effect of a political situation upon Sparkfun as a company hardly seems like “dumping”. Being sensitive to a national issue reflects Sparkfun’s excellent customer awareness - kudos from Canada!

  • Schematic and code here is outdated! See https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/274 for a more recent version with a working cap sense test.