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  • Built an MP3 doorbell (... well, AD4 doorbell) using this, the Arduino Pro Micro and the Pololu pushbutton power switch.

    As bboyho suggested, the sample code from Arduino Forum works, but only most of the time. I have found playback via serial mode interface to be particularly flaky: (1) It may work on USB power but fail when battery-powered; (2) It may work for 0000.ad4 but not for 0001.ad4.

    I've pinned the problem down to 2 places in Wtv020sd16p.cpp:

    • insufficient delay after reset. In line 37, changing "delay(300);" to "delay(750);" worked for me;
    • if you rely on the playVoice() call: sendCommand() returns too soon, when the busy pin is not yet on. In line 94, tweaking "delay(20);" to "delay(50);" worked for me.

    Not sure if this applies equally to everyone, though.

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