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  • I can see uses for this — if you can get it nice and loooong…

    Have you considered overcoming the voltage drop by; a) upping the voltage that you're sending b) using low voltage AC — Nicola Tesla found it was more efficient over long distances than DC

  • ERRATUM: float Kelvin = (((analogRead(pin) / 1023) * 5) * 100);

    Because all these values are integers the float calc will not work as expected. Make the 1023 into a float… 1023.0 — all will be well with the world. I learned this the slow way. Ripple this change through to the other float calcs too. Hope that helps somebody.

  • I have a pair of these fellas on an educational robot platform (diy). They work great. I'm sending 'microsecond' commands from an Arduino - rather than angular commands - as it offers higher resolution.
    1000uS is full speed forward
    1500uS is STOP
    2000uS is full speed reverse
    ...anything in between gives a proportional speed. Very handy.
    We're looking to battery power this 'bot. Does anyone know what current they draw? (on the power supply lines not the signal line)

  • Just a quick note to say I received a couple of boards a few weeks ago and they're great.
    Mounting Holes:
    I got v4.3 boards and they have two mounting holes - as requested by others.
    Picking Motors:
    Due to budgetary constraints... I've ripped steppers out of laser printers. I've paid little or no attention to the ratings and they've worked very well indeed. YMMV.
    Obviously, having the extra pins broken out is very useful.
    I've a long way to go with my project but it's been really helped by the new boards. Thanks Brian and Sparkfun.

  • Just received two new boards... v4.3 - four.point.THREE
    What's changed?

  • It's anybody's guess. Those that have done the cold math could be right but they're assuming that there's only a thousand people clicking 'buy'. I expect there'll be a few more than that which will possibly draw the whole process out.
    1st guess: 09:01:15
    2nd guess: 09:27:30

  • Judging by the last picture there... I'm guessing this beasty came from Europe - on account of the fact that it shipped with 2' of Salami on board. Nice touch that. ;)

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