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  • hi
    Have a stupid problem… need help!!
    Last year I bought ubertracker, changed the main.c file in the firmware zip file “Uber_Tracker_12_18_07.zip”, opened the project with CrossStudio 2.0 and compiled and generated the .hex file. Then, I used this file to put in the uP with the flash utility.
    It worked fine!
    Now the stupid part: I don’t know anything about crossworks or crossstudio and I’m trying to do it again because I changed the main.c and I need a new .hex file to upload to the uProcessor.
    Can someone help me to configure CroossStudio so I can generate a new .hex file????
    When I try to compile I have the following warnings:
    - implicit declaration of function ‘printf’
    - implicit declaration of function ‘__ARMLIB_enableIRQ’
    Can someone try to compile this for me and see if u have the same errors. I didn’t had this in the past…

  • Hi,
    Works fine for me:
    Bought it in 2010; I live in Portugal. When I got this (although I’m not familiar with LPC21xx) I changed the firmware code to match my simcard cell company in nain.c using CrossStudio 2.0.
    For example: in my case, I needed to change in line 744 off file main.c the value for “AT#BND=0” and, of course, stuff like “isp@cingulargprs.com” that doesn’t mean nothing to me…
    I use the mail option and the first test, still inside house, in the first mail I received a link to googlemaps and I saw my house. FYI I put the box in the trunk of my car and when I come back home there was lots of mails with my location – it works inside the Faraday cage!!! Lolol
    So, check your parameters, for sure everyting is ok, your GPRS definitions are wrong - check the main.c file. In last case, change the gsm module… or, like I did, take it from the ubertracker and connect it to the computer via rs232 (don’t forghet the ttl levels) and use AT commands with HyperTerminal, it’s very easy to send sms.
    Use Telit_AT_Commands_Reference_Guide_r5.pdf and Telit_Modules_Software_User_Guide_r1.pdf.
    Good luck,

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