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  • Thank you for that explanation, Matix. I stand corrected. :)

  • Parallax makes (or made?) huge profits by selling to schools. Hence, product names like "Board of Education". They don't really focus on individual customers (makers). Because of this, their prices have always been ridiculously high. I remember buying a BS2 rev. B from them back in the day for $50! I don't know if Arduino existed yet or if I just wasn't aware of it.

  • Thank you for your reply, M-Short. Greatly appreciated.

  • Why was this retired? It's a real shame that you're on a trend of retiring all the useful general purpose stuff in favor of releasing complicated boards that have only very specific uses. Simple things like this RCA breakout were always the majority of what I ordered from SparkFun.

  • The early SD card form factor concept/prototype was promising; the final product looks disappointing. I should have expected it to be ruined in (over)design-by-committee and marketing, as is the way with huge corporations like Intel. A shame...

    Regardless, thank you SFE for carrying and supporting this. :)

  • It's a Honeywell IC.

  • Just received one of these; first impression is positive. Four screws would have been nice (as others have mentioned), or even having them as an optional add-on at extra cost. I'm curious, what plastic is this made of?

  • Suggestion for board revision: silkscreen pinout on both sides. You're already paying for "sparkfun.com" on the second side, so why not make more use of it? Actually, this suggestion applies to many other SFE boards...

  • Just noticed something on the label; this is RoHS compliant as it contains no peanut butter. (Lead is Pb, not PB!) One tip: brush on some flux before reworking this solder. Great stuff.

  • Using a straight-edge and sharp utility knife, just score through a column of holes, on both sides, and snap along the edge of a table. Repeated scoring makes the snapping easier and edge cleaner. You can also sand the edges smooth, if you like, but wear respiratory protection!

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