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  • Have had it for about a week now. It is working out really well. I put linux on an old pc to use as a media server (among other things). It sits in the garage with no keyboard or monitor and I use the wiznet board hooked up to the serial port so I can watch the boot process and have a backdoor means of logging. This is an excellent product - the documentation needs to be better though.

  • Never mind. I figured out the trick - which I wish wiznet would highlight in their user manual. Connect the serial port to a terminal and cycle the power on the board - you will see whatever default settings were left in it at the factory, including mac address and IP address. Then do a direct search using the IP address. Direct attaching the pc ethernet (with the address set static to something on the same subnet as the default that came up) is a good idea too.

  • I can't get the config tool to find the board (win 7, version 3.0.2, firewall off). I initially tried through an ethernet hub and then direct connected to the ethernet port on the pc with a static address assigned to the PC port. I ran wireshark and see network activity when the board powers up, but nothing particularly helpful. Is there some trick to getting the config tool to find the board?

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