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  • Inconsistencies in materials. Parts list in the item description and the first page of the instructions show One 0.1pf capacitor. In the actual instructions, and on the board, it shows Three 0.1pf capacitors. My kit included Two 0.1pf capacitors. Fortunately, I had some in my bins. Also, kit calls for heatsink compound, which is not included. Either include it, or make note in the description that it will be needed.

    And a suggestion, make the potentiometers horizontal mount instead of vertical, so they can be extend from an enclosure. And put them farther apart. There's no possible way to put knobs on them as is. I'm probably going to put them on a separate board, wired to the main board.

  • Excellent kit, three minor suggestions. I concur with replacing the LED with a standard one. Super-brights are great for certain applications, but not this one. That said, I just swapped it with a cheaper one I had on hand. Second suggestion, place the "dummy" pins further out from the power pins. #1, wider == more stability. #2, I have a breadboard that has more space between the power rail and the main board, unless I clip the inside pin off, I cannot use this power supply on that board easily. I would move it at least one position, preferably two. Third suggestion, do away with the switch for 3.3v/5v, replace it with header pins and a jumper. As has been noted previously, much safer that way.

  • Three years later, same problem. The board interferes with the USB and 9v ports on the Arduino Uno, and the metal casing on the USB port shorts S2. I like the simplicity of this board, but I would not buy it until this is fixed.

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