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  • Basically a Captain-Pike-style input to control 4 outlets simultaneously. Tailored more for people who don't do microcontrollers :-(

  • Your explanation makes sense and accounts for the extra variable of distance to first LED that i had not properly considered. In my particular case, it did not require more than about six feet of added wire. I will try to find time to go back and experiment in a controlled fashion with various distances and gather some data.

  • pro-tip: this might not be the best choice for driving long strands of WS2811 LEDs as the output on this bidirectional chip is not as strong as some unidirectional such as the TI: 74AHCT125

  • The mini/affordable USB scope market was a bit confusing for me. I almost purchased the Analog Discovery 2 a few months ago but went with the LabNation SmartScope. IOS and Android software options tipped the choice for me. No doubt SparkFun did impressive research considering many factors. If you are willing to share thoughts on the selection process, it would be educational to hear how you approached the choice.

  • 3d printed underpants are not a good idea

  • could anyone confirm if this information and linux solution for the victor70c also applies to this meter?


  • oops, did you say you had 5v or 3v brain?

  • As someone who works at a small Colorado tech company with both a healthy gender mix and listed perks of "free snacks and beer", I disagree about this being something to keep quiet.

    Our work culture is unquestionably dedicated to mutual professional respect and work/life balance. This is the happiest and most civilized environment I have ever seen in my career. Within the engineering dept in specific, our culture is also a bold celebration of geekness and we wear it proudly. Beer (or wine) at the office consumed in a safe, responsible, moderate way can be a positive contribution. If we were not properly demonstrating and communicating the balance and depth of our culture to new candidates such that the mere appearance of the word "beer" on a benefit/perk brochure from HR caused them to doubt our sincerity and look elsewhere then that would indicate a different sort of problem.

    The notion of unfairness in a work environment based on any factor (gender, race, lifestyle preference, religion, etc) motivates me to immediately stand up and say "no!" without hesitation or concern for risk. However, the thought of a company so overly afraid of accidentally offending someone that it reduces its culture to a gray-walled cube farm void of personality equally motivates me to stand up and say "no thanks." There is a very real risk in promoting a vibrant, energetic culture that a fine line might get crossed at some point. Age offers no immunity to mistakes but when you seek out enthusiastic young talent, you must accept that learning and maturing will occur at the office. The lesson should not be to suppress the liveliness out of the employees but to be vigilant and know when something went wrong. If that happens, someone needs to immediately apologize, accept full personal responsibility for mistakes, and learn such that they are not repeated. This type of learning is a sign of growth rather than failure.

  • not offering some small discount on a starter kit misses the mark on using "arduino day" to grow the community. what you'll get is more hobbyists picking up an extra board or two and less kids/educators/newbies branching out.

  • Hey Sparkfun, this sucks but you should get over it and turn these lemons into lemonade by doing what you do best.

    1) I like YOUR colors better than Fluke's. Make a new one that is clearly sparkfun branded top-to-bottom (maybe with a red border and white face? ) 2) Don't just make the exact same meter, see if you can invent and add just one novel feature. 3) Come back with a campaign and ask the community to support you

    i already own a meter but in this case i would purchase another one and possibly give one as a gift.