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  • The formatting of the log file wasnt how I intended. But stated simply, Ú´Ã… in the log is an example of unreadable characters. While IP=192.16 is an example of truncated response. You all seem to have worked on this for a while. Hopefully, someone has a better handle than us.

  • We are facing a couple of issues while trying to call a web service using this product. The responses are both truncated and contain a lot of unreadable characters. Please see details below. Any suggestions?

    jÔ: ?-Cmd

    AOK Auto-Assoc Smood chan=1 mode=WPA2 SCAN OK Joining Smood now.. AssociateDHCP in 3000ms, lease=3600s IF=UP DHCP=ON IP=192.16 EXIT CMD Ú´Ã…




    AOK Connect to OPEN

  • Has anyone else ever faced any difficulty with reading Track 3 data stored in a Driver's License?

    We bought this card reader along with a shifter to convert RS232 to TTL and connected the card reader to arduino with the DB9 pins - black and red wires to GND & 5V, and the data wires to RX /TX.

    It was suggested that we use the PS2 wires for powering the device, but the DB9 wires seem to work fine. The card reader powered on in an instant and started reading swipes.

    The card reader reads Track 1 & Track @ data for Driver Licenses and Credit Cards. But, I am yet to see any Track 3 data. We have tried TX and CA licenses. I am assuming that they have track 3 data encrypted per the format descriptions available online.

    Any ideas of what could be going wrong?

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