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  • It appears I've ruined a second XBee Explorer Regulated after soldering wires. I've never run into this again. I'm a delicate solderer and don't feel I overheated the pads--I do this every day. Apparently, I've broken the solder to trace connection. For Din and Dout, two pads for each (on the end and on the 0.1 pad near the 2mm 10p connection point) and a track between them and to the SMD pad on 2mm 10p connect. On the first board I soldered, both Din and Dout on the end broke. Then I pulled out another new explorer board and reassembled another set of wires to the end Din/Dout, as well as add (again) header pins for testing to the 2nd pad. This time the Din connection between the 2nd pad and SMD 2mm tail broke. Not obvious from looking at the boards but the boards are useless now. These boards are cheaply made! I'm very disappointed. Excuse me while I find another source for this board.

    I found it difficult to believe that it was the board but as it turned out

  • I'm interfacing this 9150 to a TI Stellaris Launchpad, which has a LM4F120. I'm trying to set the pull-ups for best results. This is my first time working with I2C buses and open-drain lines. I wasn't sure but the 10Kohm pull-ups on the breakout are not sufficient. And, when I engage the LM4F120's internal pull-ups, using either the weak or regular (I can't fine what the real difference is) I don't get good enough results to read data consistently. Through experimentation and use of a DSO, I've come upon a value of 500ohms place externally, i.e. essentially in parallel with, the 10K and I get what appears to be a very nice waveform on both data and clock. So the effective pull-up is a little lower than 500ohms. Any other experience out there on this? Does this seem right? Any suggestions on this process or else? Thanks

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