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  • Understood. Also, the schematic above seems to be missing two pages. Any chance the full schematic can be made available?

  • Hi SFUptownMaker. Before purchasing a couple boards, I’d like a confirmation that this video is applicable to the Jamboree board. Specifically, the board enumerates as a COM port and will allow for a Melody upgrade?

  • You’re the man. Thanks!

  • Any update here?

  • The DFU file for Melody 5.2 is available on the BlueCreation website. I assume the BC127 that’s equipped with the PurpletTooth Jamboree can be upgraded from 5.0 to 5.2 using their DFU upgrade tool. The only problem is I asked BlueCreation for the 5.2 Manual (command set, etc.), and I was told it is currently only provided to those who purchase their Discovery dev kit ($$).

    So, Sparkfun, can YOU get the 5.2 manual?

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