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  • I can't tell if the shield is defective or I'm using a wrong/incompatible library (usblib2.0 from Oleg). Is there any recent code example?

  • Is it legal to use this frequency in Canada?

  • I'm unable to initialize this board with my Arduino UNO.

    The board_qc example from the 2.0 library gives the following:

    /************ Circuits At Home 2011 USB Host Shield Quality Control Routine Reading REVISION register... Die revision 03 SPI long test. Transfers 1MB of data. Each dot is 64K Test failed. Value written: 01 read: 00 Unrecoverable error - test halted!! 0x55 pattern is transmitted via SPI Press RESET to restart test ********/

    The board's revision can be read but data can't be written to the board. Usb.Init() will give -1 and examples say that means ' osc did not start'.

    1.0 Library also fails to start. I'm worried if I burnt something I shouldn't while soldering the headers to the board.

    Any ideas?

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