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  • EDIT: ==>Make sure the latest drivers are installed: http://www.ftdichip.com/FTDrivers.htm ==>Hard Reboot your system (Shut it down and turn it back on) after installing everything.

    Now this works great! All except for one machine, which is still a mystery...

    This still works in Scratch 1.4 as well. You'll need to install the drivers as well, and also make sure to select which serial port you want to use by right-clicking on the reporter block.


    We are having issues trying to get this to work on our MacBook Airs. Doing a wide sweep of potential solutions. We are using Scratch 2.0 online version and have followed the instructions for installing the plugin. We get notice that the plugin has been installed, but whenever we plug the board in we don't get any sort of feedback. It reads as all sensors HIGH or LOW, even without the board plugged in.

    We are using Macbook Air, OSx 10.8.5/4 (mix), Safari 6.0.5, Flash

    Any help or pointers would be appreciated, thank you. We are attempting to run a class of 19 students for a week starting in 5 days.

  • Audio files need to be formatted as follows: Mono 16 bit depth 32 khz sample rate maximum,haven't tested lower rates

    I've had the audio encoder successfully encode sounds only to have them be read as static by the player. This was a result of using 24 bit depth instead of 16 bit depth. Otherwise, once I followed these guidelines, the audio files sounded great.

  • In the specs it says this board supports 64Mb to 2Gig micro-SD memory cards, but in the recommended products there is an 8Gig card. What gives?

  • I'm trying to get a simple intercom system working where this connects to a speaker. I have this running directly into a little amplifier (this one, from adafruit http://www.adafruit.com/products/987). Do I need to add some sort of preamp to the system or is there an easy tutorial somewhere? I've looked and found very little.


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