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  • There are many items in this world that are recognized by their brand name and their distinctive appearance and style as a trademarked item.Wristwatches, perfumes, luggage and clothes are but a few items that over the years have been deliberately and intentional faked. Anyone who owns a certain brand of Swiss wristwatch KNOWS that a $100 "knockoff" is not the real item even if it has that expensive brands name on the item.
    I own two Fluke meters as well as a number of cheaper "hobby meters." I can tell the difference in quality and performance between the Fluke and the other; as would nearly all users who have used both.

    Sparkfun was not trying to make "knockoff" Fluke meters. even if there was a similar appearance. Even if there is a similar appearance, they are not be sold as "Fluke" meters with the Fluke name on it. I applaud Fluke's understanding of this fact through their willingness work with Sparkfun to resolve this. Those of us who want to own a high quality DMM would buy a brand name item and not an item of ten percent of the cost of that quality item and believe it has the same quality. The engineering company that I work for knows this and will only buy brand name test equipment even though there are some impressive alternatives in the market place. They buy Fluke, Agilent, Tektronix and others because their philosophy is that high quality products only come from high quality companies and high quality companies take time to develop that quality. It is the performance of the company and how they stand behind their product that is a major source of that quality. I believe Fluke knows this and doesn't see a "bargain" meter as a threat to their business. Each has its place in the market, just like Rolex and Timex products and seldom does one take market share from the other.

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