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  • hey, i didn’t notice that until you pointed it out! <shakes tiny fist> i think he’s incredibly professional to reel out all this info so smoothly every week. i am always a little bit impressed. :)

  • SparkFun cowboy builds two life-like robots, controls them with invisible device.

  • thaaaaank you Member #162704!!! you saved me tonnes of work. :D i just want to add one thing that tripped me up a little, that is the pins are numbered incorrectly on my board. once i used the pin numbers in the pinout diagram on this page: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardMini everything went swimmingly.

  • hi sparkfun,
    a recent order of this thread turned out to be the old hairy stuff you discontinued a few years ago. is this product no longer the “new and improved” thread?

  • if you want to make a heating circuit, probably this product is better:

  • this thread is not insulated, so yes, crossed threads will short.

  • i’m also interested in your breakout board for this, paradoxial!

  • if you’re a bit dim like me, you should know that the text “the LilyPad is compatible with an FTDI cable and with our FTDI basic breakout” does not mean you need both an FTDI cable AND breakout board. either one or the other will do.

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