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  • what part of the hardware or firmware allows the device to appear as a mass storage device via usb?

  • I do my research work in this space, and I'm a big proponent of Bluetooth at 2.4Ghz. Bluetooth has a number of advantages :
    - prevelance in existing electronics
    - multiple protocol stacks implemented
    - lower current consumption per bit than most other protocols
    - higher data throughput
    - high power & high data rate options available
    - built-in DUN (dialup networking) allows for simplified telemetry over the cellualar network

  • I've used bridge rectifiers, but with either a diode solution or a bridge rectifier, you need to be aware of the current requirements. A rectifier needs to dissipate 1.2V * Current in Watts. At 2A, your generating 2.4W of heat, which might burn out the rectifier or cause other problems.

  • Or, get the most sensitive sensor they make - ST75 I think - which has leads metric spaced leads (1.27mm) already attached for $32ish a pop from newark. Just got 10 myself for a discount plus used some 10% off coupon code.
    The thing works great, though the temp reading takes longer than the humidity - and I really dont know what I need 14 bits of precision for something that's only +/- 1.8% accurate.
    They also give you a non-linear curve fit equation and another one that does temperature compensation for humidity. Very sensitive - i can blow on it from 5 feet away and it notices.

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