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  • Tutorial - MP3 Player Shield Quickstart Guide | about 8 months ago

    this page is still out of date. we have been trying to get this board going for a few days.

    i posted this fix in the sparkfun mp3 noobs forum too - this seems to get the card working. two main things are adding the 9 to the parameter, and then re-organizing the libraries directory tree structure so they can be found. maybe now techsupport can get the page updated (here are the fixes).

    Deviations included:

    a) changing this line by adding the ‘9’: if (!card.init(SPI_FULL_SPEED,9)) Serial.println(“Error: Card init”); //Initialize the SD card and configure the I/O pins.

    b) a little library confusion. the sdfat library works fine, but the way the directory is setup is wrong. first i renamed the zipfile sdfat (may not be necessary) and then brought the actual .h’s and .cpp’s up one level. so the structure is: \Arduino\libraries\SdFat In SdFat is all the libraries and source files.

    c) you have to restart arduino and possibly your whole machine after adding the libraries in correct directory structure.

    i burned through two cups of coffee trying to sort this one out :)

  • Product COM-11630 | about a year ago

    thank you for offering this kit.

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