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  • Pete, I would have preferred to contact you privately but this public comment space seemed to be the only way to pass along my disappointment in the way you explained this crucial and fundamental circuit building block. It is important that newcomers to electronics like high school students get correct explanations of key circuit concepts like the current mirror from the get go so that when and if they get to their first electronics class at university they don’t have to unlearn any bad information they might have been exposed to earlier. Anyway to help that process along I would like to refer you and your readers to a free on line text book chapter I’ve written on current mirrors:

    This chapter takes the reader through current mirrors starting with very basic first principals to build an understanding of how the circuits works. Earlier chapters in the text of course explain what transistors are and the basic amplifier configurations. Not to sound too immodest but it is one of the better ways I’ve come across to explain how current mirrors work.

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