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  • This works very well for hobby work as well. Brass locomotives, sheet brass soldering, plastic bending etc.

    So Cool

  • The ProMicro add - on above for the SF32u4 boards above contains the correct drivers that need to be installed. I FINALLY got my two new ones to work correctly. Uninstall the Leonardo drivers, stop the new driver installation, till you can manually point to the drivers file in hardware|SF32u4_boards|drivers folder. Ensure the SF32u4 folder is also only one deep in the hardware folder. If the SF32u4 folder only contains another SF32u4 folder, the IDE cannot see what is in there

    If you have ANY files from an older ProMicro in the Ardruino IDE, you may want to edit the SF32u4 boards.txt file with the word "new" in front of the board name, because the OLDER board name and the NEWER board name are so similar, you cannot make out which is which. The difference in board names comes down to how the voltage/Hz is listed, as in "5V/16Hz" and "16Hz/5V"

    The double tap thing should not be needed, and yes the board will hop com ports when you do that.

    It was explained to me like this: "ATMega32U4 boards are a bit odd. The actually are running 2 pieces of code. The first is the bootloader and the second is your sketch. Each if these pieces of code has their own VID/PID (vendor ID/ part ID) numbers which is what the computer uses to recognize USB devices. When you first plug in the boards you should see one COM port show up, after a second or two it disappears and a second COM port shows up. This is for the bootloader and the sketch. When you go to upload new code you basically reset the device causing the board to enter the bootloader stage, and the code is updated. The Caterina bootloader that Arduino uses by default has the bootloader running for 8 seconds before switching over to the sketch every time! We modified the bootloader so that its only a second or two, but added the double-tap feature in case you needed to get into the bootloader for longer. You shouldn't have to use this to upload code normally though."

    Michelle in Tech support and I had a fairly long series of emails go by making my boards work, and all the above info is mostly what distilled out of it.

  • Bought two of these recently. Cannot upload to either one. It hops com ports like a frog, and just will not accept uploading.

    An older one works outstanding.

    I need a clue, please

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